People from Nemacolin, Pennsylvania

Monsignor William G. Charnoki from Nemacolin

Richard Trumka from Nemacolin

Steve Popovich says, " . . ."

Frank Gorcheck with San Bernadino Padres

John and Amanda

Steve Korcheck

George Holupka

Peter Andrew Rancich

John Edward

Sarah or Patrick or Adam or Mathew

Amelia Kuzniewska-Lysek

Edward Joseph Morofsky

Charles Lipchinsky - Born on 2nd floor

General George Marshall

Andrew Kavchak and Igor Gouzenko

Jan Zurakowski

Edward Leo Morofsky -     Edward Leo Morofsky, 1985, Ottawa

Richard Morofsky

Robert Morofsky

Dale Coughenour, husband of Annie Crackovich

Robert Morofsky 1962 Graduation

KETZ, Robert M; CTHS 1962; died Marlborough MA; Boston Globe; 2000-5-5

Kent Bishop CTHS 1962

Mickey Firkley - Wedell, Theodore Wedell and Martha Morofsky, PA 2001

Charles Benko Senior and Mary Berdar-Benko Celebrate Their 54th Wedding Anniversary in 1968
Martha Morofsky and the Safety Engineer touring Buckeye Mine in Nemacolin PA

Marie and Chuck Williams at home in St. Petersburg, FL
A Closer Look at Marie and Chuck
50th Wedding Anniversary of Marie and Chuck with Family
Eva and Marie Lysek Make Rosaries

Professor Erdem Cantekin

Eddie at Zanka's First Communion

Professor James Ballowe

Cats and Dogs

Dave Belwa cooking for the RDDs

Queen Coal 1962


Natalie "Tillie" Lysek - Brady

Amos King Executed

Don Buzonas

Social Security Death Index:

Carmichaels, PA 15320
Crucible, PA 15325
Ronco, PA 15476
Adah, PA 15410
Masontown, PA 15461
Mather, PA 15346
Uniontown, PA 15401

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